Instructions for Online Booking

Simple Instructions

1. Find a movie
Browse by movie or session to find the movie and session that suits you.

2. Select a time
Click the session time link you want to book tickets for.

3. Book My Show
The link will take you to the Book My Show website.

4. Complete the transaction
Select how many tickets you want and complete the transaction.

5. Pick up your tickets
Pick up your tickets when you arrive at the cinema from the ticket counter.

Please note you will need to exchange the printed booking form or show your cellphone booking at the counter in order to be issued an entry ticket.

For festivals and other large events please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to collect tickets as there will be a queue. Make sure you have the credit card you used.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1 - Find a movie
Browse through the downtown website for your choice of Movie, Date, and Time. There are several pages you can find movie screening times.

Step 2 - Select a time
When you have found the movie you want to watch on any of the pages above, click on the time you want to watch the movie to book your tickets.

Step 3 - Choose the tickets
The Book my show website will now be open. Select the type and number of the tickets in the Book Now box then click the Book My Show button.

Step 4 - Check your order
Check that your order is correct in the Order Summary box then click the Pay Now! button.

Step 5 - Enter your Email
Enter your email address Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box to say you have done so. Click the Make Payment button.

Step 6 - Pay with Credit Card
Enter your Credit Card details on the secure dps page and click submit.

Step 7 - Pick up your tickets
To collect your tickets when you arrive at the cinema, ensure you have the credit card with which you purchased your tickets. Proceed to our internet ticketing kiosk, which is located at the escalator end of the candy bar, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Our internet ticketing kiosk can only be used to collect tickets if the same credit card with which the ticket was purchased is used. Our internet ticketing kiosk cannot process multiple trannsactions (more than one film and/or session) on the same credit card. Multiple transactions can only be processed at the ticketing counter. If You can't bring the credit card used, please bring a printout of the email confirmation sent to you. In this case you will be required to pick up your tickets from the ticketing counter.